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Git rid of old branches :-)

Every so often, I clean up old working branches I don’t need any more. After I’ve written or revised content, and the pull request has been merged from my fork of the repo into the main branch of the organization’s repo, it’s time to get rid of the old working branches. TLDR/Copy and paste Here’s […]

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Using voice to text to write blog posts

I am sitting in our car with the dog while my wife has gone into the food store wearing a mask to buy groceries. I’m experimenting today to see how well writing a blog post using voice-to-text on my phone works. As far as I know, there aren’t any good inexpensive or free ways to […]

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A personal post about my mother’s approaching death

This past month has been a hard one for me. My mother is in hospice care at an assisted-living home. Along with waves of grief about my mother’s approaching death and guilt for not being a better son, I’ve been struggling with anger at “the system.” The people within this system are kind, ethical, caring, […]

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That might not be the right question | Seth’s Blog

“Where do you get your ideas?” The thing is, everyone has ideas. All the time, every day. Having ideas is part of the human condition. The right questions might be: Are you exposing yourself to new inputs and new situations, and challenging yourself to find more interesting ideas? Are you pushing the ideas you have […]

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Let Gmail to sort your email

Gmail does a pretty good job of categorizing your messages. You can train it to do better. Primary tab Move messages that you must review, respond to, or take action upon to the Primary tab. Social tab Move social network notifications to the Social tab. These messages duplicate information in your social networks. You should […]

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