Write Open Source podcast with Tim Bannister, CNCF Top Documentarian, on contributing to the Kubernetes.io documentation

To get the podcast on your favorite podcast listening app, visit https://anchor.fm/write-open-source/episodes/Tim-Bannister-on-contributing-to-the-Kubernetes-io-documentation-e1c3pdi Podcast summary Tim Bannister is a Consultant at The Scale Factory, London, England. Tim is also a technical lead for the Kubernetes’ documentation special interest group (SIG), which looks after the https://kubernetes.io/ website and documentation. Tim briefly describes the role of chairs and…More

I’m going to try making a podcast

I spend a lot of time thinking about the nature of my profession and the people I work with. Now, I’ve created a podcast so I have an excuse to talk to those people, ask all sorts of questions, and share interesting parts of the work! Write Open Source is going to be a behind-the-scenes…More