Write Open Source podcast with Tim Bannister, CNCF Top Documentarian, on contributing to the Kubernetes.io documentation

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Podcast summary

  • Tim Bannister is a Consultant at The Scale Factory, London, England.
  • Tim is also a technical lead for the Kubernetes’ documentation special interest group (SIG), which looks after the https://kubernetes.io/ website and documentation.
  • Tim briefly describes the role of chairs and technical leads in the governance of the documentation SIG.
    • The docs SIG is a great way for newcomers to become involved with the organization.
    • You can contribute in a variety of ways, such as:
    • Being a new user a super-power because you can see the content with fresh eyes and identify areas to improve.
  • The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) named Tim as the 2021 Community Award Winner for Top Documentarian!

Top Documentarian: This award recognizes excellence in documentation contributions to CNCF and its projects. Excellent technical documentation is one of the best ways projects can lower the barrier to contribution. CNCF staff selected the Top Documentarian and are happy to present the award to:
Tim Bannister – Tim is a contributor to Kubernetes and other projects and is the technical lead for the documentation SIG, establishing new subprojects, decommissioning existing subprojects, and resolving cross-subproject technical issues and decisions.


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