Diagrams help your readers understand. Chris Metz gives “A brief demonstration of Mermaid.js”

This episode is a video demo, which you can see here on Spotify or Vimeo.  

Chris Metz is a freelance solutions architect and tech writer with cloud and emerging technologies based in Danville, California, near the San Francisco Bay Area. 

In “A brief demonstration of Mermaid.js,” Chris shows us how to use Mermaid.js to add diagrams to your documentation. 

Chris recently added the Diagram Guide to the Kubernetes.io website, where he is a regular contributor.

To me, this diagrams-as-code has several benefits:

  • It separates the content of the diagrams from how they are presented, which means that all your diagrams have a consistent look.
  • The search results will include your diagrams when you edit and search your docs.
  • Writers and developers can directly create diagrams without using specialized tools or creating asset files that get lost.

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