Disabled Parents and Starting a Business: A Few Essential Tips

I’m publishing the following post on behalf of Ed Carter, a retired financial planner and the founder of ablefutures.org. Ed offer tools, original articles, and other resources that will provide helpful financial information to members of the disabled community.  Ed says, “Many people are unaware of just how many options they have when it comes…More

Command ‘brew’ not found

Let me guess: you just installed Homebrew on your Linux system because you were going to use it to install some other software. Instead, when you tried to install the software, you got something like this: This response means the command can’t find the brew application binary. This happened because the Homebrew installation omits an…More

My favorite Kubernetes books

Note: I did not include any affiliate links in this post. Nigel Poulton’s Mastering Kubernetes bundle on Leanpub, $12.99. A couple of years ago, I bought the ebook and audiobook versions of Nigel’s The Kubernetes Book. I became a huge fan of his humor and ability to deliver key information about complex topics. This weekend,…More

Vale notes #3: Things start rolling

Last week, I did separate walk-throughs with two writers. My intention was to gain insight into the issues a typical user might encounter, and to use that information to improve the “getting started” repo I had created. I helped them install, configure, and start using Vale on their systems. Installing Vale by using brew was…More

Vale notes #2: Talk to experts and stakeholders

In addition to eating my own dogfood, I started finding and talking to experts and stakeholders. For experts, I went to folks inside and outside Red Hat. At Red Hat, I talked to Fabrice Flore-Thebault and Yana Hontyk. Last year, they presented on using Vale with their documentation sets: Eclipse Che and CodeReady Workspaces. I…More

Vale notes #1: Eating my dog food

I’ve heard complaints about the peer review process at a variety of organizations where I’ve seen it in use. To simplify, they sound like this: Writers: When I fix a set of issues and resubmit the PR, the reviewer(s) come up with a new set of issues. Reviewers: I keep flagging the same set of…More

Git rid of old branches :-)

Every so often, I clean up old working branches I don’t need any more. After I’ve written or revised content, and the pull request has been merged from my fork of the repo into the main branch of the organization’s repo, it’s time to get rid of the old working branches. TLDR/Copy and paste Here’s…More