Conquering my to-do list

A hand placing post-it notes in a 3x3 arrangement. Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Recently, I explained how I implemented zero inbox and started capturing tasks in todoist. By pushing all of my tasks to one place, I cut down on the burden context-switching.

However, this new approach has created a new problem: a ballooning to-do list. Now, I must find a better way manage these tasks.

Fortunately, this article in the Harvard Business Review reminded me of the classic Eisenhower/Covey matrix for prioritizing tasks.

More urgentLess Urgent
More importantDo it nowSchedule it soon
Less importantDivide & conquer, or delegateDelete it, say “No,” or toss
it in the “someday” folder
My adaptation of the task prioritization matrix from Eisenhower, Covey, and the HBR article.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


  1. Hey Rolfe!

    Happy to see you’re writing things about productivity. Kind of reminds me of my 3000-word Eisenhower Matrix blog post that has been sitting in ‘drafts’ for ages!

    Since you’re passionate about productivity, I highly recommend the book “The Art of Getting Things Done” by David Allen.
    It’s a life-changer for me!

    – Lach


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