Video: How to use Vale on the command line

How to use Vale on the command line from Rolfe Dlugy-Hegwer on Vimeo. NOTE: This is a silent video without narration. For the best viewing experience, maximize the screen and set the video quality to 720p. Here, using the Linux CLI shell prompt, I show you how to: Check out your working branch by using…More

Vale: The unexpected team

The past two weeks, I created a Slack channel called #vale-at-red-hat and invited folks at work to join. Then I invited them to become collaborators on the repo. It worked! A bunch of folks signed up to become full collaborators. To work this way, you have to give up sole ownership and control. Invite folks…More

Vale notes #3: Things start rolling

Last week, I did separate walk-throughs with two writers. My intention was to gain insight into the issues a typical user might encounter, and to use that information to improve the “getting started” repo I had created. I helped them install, configure, and start using Vale on their systems. Installing Vale by using brew was…More

Vale notes #2: Talk to experts and stakeholders

In addition to eating my own dogfood, I started finding and talking to experts and stakeholders. For experts, I went to folks inside and outside Red Hat. At Red Hat, I talked to Fabrice Flore-Thebault and Yana Hontyk. Last year, they presented on using Vale with their documentation sets: Eclipse Che and CodeReady Workspaces. I…More

Vale notes #1: Eating my dog food

I’ve heard complaints about the peer review process at a variety of organizations where I’ve seen it in use. To simplify, they sound like this: Writers: When I fix a set of issues and resubmit the PR, the reviewer(s) come up with a new set of issues. Reviewers: I keep flagging the same set of…More