Getting minikube up and running

After I’ve gotten podman running, I want to start using minikube: Looking at line 5, I see that starting minikube bombed. I must enable a non-root user like minikube to run podman. How do that? From line 6, I copy the suggestion, rolfedh ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/podman and open /etc/sudoers by using the visudo command, which…More

minikube ugh! microk8s yay!

I just spent hours trying to get minikube up and running on Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon. Endless installation and dependency problems (even though I’ve installed it on other platforms in the past). Finally, I installed microk8s using snap. No problem. rolfedh@rolfedh-HP-Z2-Mini-G3-Workstation:~$ microk8s status microk8s is running high-availability: no datastore master nodes: datastore standby nodes:…More

Installing minikube and agones

Tonight, I installed Agones, a library for hosting, running and scaling dedicated game servers on minikube, a local instance of Kubernetes. I’m doing this to: Get more hands-on experience running Kubernetes. Set up a development environment for my son, who is a game developer. Try my hand at developing a simple app or microservices. I also logged a…More