My favorite Kubernetes books

Note: I did not include any affiliate links in this post.

Nigel Poulton’s Mastering Kubernetes bundle on Leanpub, $12.99.

A couple of years ago, I bought the ebook and audiobook versions of Nigel’s The Kubernetes Book. I became a huge fan of his humor and ability to deliver key information about complex topics.

This weekend, I found an interview with Nigel on the Leanpub Frontmatter podcast. I enjoyed hearing about how his father saved up for his first computer, how he got started in tech, how he started developing courses and writing books, and how he and his family are doing currently.

Inspired by all that, I decided to look for his current books on Leanpub and found the aforementioned Mastering Kubernetes bundle, which contains the 2021 editions of The Kubernetes Book and Quick Start Kubernetes.

You might ask, why pay for a book about Kubernetes, which already has comprehensive free well-written documentation? Aside from liking the guy, I bought Nigel’s books because he does a great job of summarizing and helping me retain the key information. His work saves me countless hours of reading. He doesn’t just present dry facts, he shares meaningful insights and opinions about the platform.

(Nigel, if you’re reading this post, skip the next sentence because I don’t want you to raise your prices.) If reading his books saves me only 15 minutes and increases my mastery of Kubernetes, they are worth far more than the small price I paid for them.

I also like supporting Leanpub. Authors earn 80% royalties on their books and courses. The platform enables authors to set sliding scale prices for their works. And the platform encourages authors to publish early and publish often — to better gauge their readers’ interests and needs and therefore deliver information that has more value.

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