minikube ugh! microk8s yay!

I just spent hours trying to get minikube up and running on Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon. Endless installation and dependency problems (even though I’ve installed it on other platforms in the past).

Finally, I installed microk8s using snap. No problem.

rolfedh@rolfedh-HP-Z2-Mini-G3-Workstation:~$ microk8s status
microk8s is running
high-availability: no
  datastore master nodes:
  datastore standby nodes: none
    dashboard            # The Kubernetes dashboard
    dns                  # CoreDNS
    ha-cluster           # Configure high availability on the current node
    istio                # Core Istio service mesh services
    knative              # The Knative framework on Kubernetes.
    metrics-server       # K8s Metrics Server for API access to service metrics
    registry             # Private image registry exposed on localhost:32000
    storage              # Storage class; allocates storage from host directory
    ambassador           # Ambassador API Gateway and Ingress
    cilium               # SDN, fast with full network policy
    fluentd              # Elasticsearch-Fluentd-Kibana logging and monitoring
    gpu                  # Automatic enablement of Nvidia CUDA
    helm                 # Helm 2 - the package manager for Kubernetes
    helm3                # Helm 3 - Kubernetes package manager
    host-access          # Allow Pods connecting to Host services smoothly
    ingress              # Ingress controller for external access
    jaeger               # Kubernetes Jaeger operator with its simple config
    keda                 # Kubernetes-based Event Driven Autoscaling
    kubeflow             # Kubeflow for easy ML deployments
    linkerd              # Linkerd is a service mesh for Kubernetes and other frameworks
    metallb              # Loadbalancer for your Kubernetes cluster
    multus               # Multus CNI enables attaching multiple network interfaces to pods
    openebs              # OpenEBS is the open-source storage solution for Kubernetes
    openfaas             # openfaas serverless framework
    portainer            # Portainer UI for your Kubernetes cluster
    prometheus           # Prometheus operator for monitoring and logging
    rbac                 # Role-Based Access Control for authorisation
    traefik              # traefik Ingress controller for external access

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  1. That ‘s great you got it done/


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