Job aid: Git cherry-pick a commit and manually resolve a conflict

This post is short version of Git: Cherry-pick a commit into a branch and resolve a merge conflict. Replace `upstream/enterprise-4.8` with whatever your target branch is.

I copy/paste these commands into my terminal.

git checkout master
git branch -D enterprise-4.8
git checkout --track upstream/enterprise-4.8
git status

Verify that “Your branch is up to date with ‘upstream/enterprise-4.8’.”

git cherry-pick <commit hash>

Go to the pull request that has the merge failure (e.g., like this example). Copy the commit hash. In the terminal, replace <commit hash> with the real one. Enter the command.

Ignore “CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in <path/filename>

In Atom editor (or whatever), manually resolve the merge conflict.
Save and commit the changes as “Manual CP of RHDEVDOCS-<jira#> #<pr#>”.

git status

Confirm “Your branch is ahead of ‘upstream/enterprise-4.8’ by 1 commit.”

git push -f origin enterprise-4.8

Go to origin/enterprise-4.8 in GitHub and create the pull request with the following description.
Previously merged as

Copy the URL of this new PR and paste it to a comment in the Jira issue (e.g., in RHDEVDOCS-2617).

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